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Hey folks, today we are gonna talk about the Programs that remove vocals from any song and create a karaoke.So, these software provides good audio quality with compression, stereo image separation, frequency spectrum, etc. with the help of these software you can put your own voice in your favorite songs.

Here is the list:-


Audacity is a popular program which includes in-built audio removing option. It supports on Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.It is a  free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder. It can be very helpful for recording and also has the different kinds of voice changing effects.


It is an excellent and free audio editing software which supports VST plugins, batch conversions, loops, recording, etc. It can be used to used to remove vocals from the songs.After you import the file to wavosaur then you can use voice Remover tool to automatically remove the voice from the particular song.

03:-AnalogX Vocal Remover (Winamp Plugin)

AnalogX Vocal Remover (Winamp Plugin) is another great tool to remove the voice from the songs. If you use Winamp media player then you can install AnalogX Vocal Remover plugin to remove vocals.It has a simple interface and very easy to use.

04:-Karaoke Anything

Karaoke Anything is a software audio player.This software is capable of to be used for MP3 files or entire audio CDs.Its interface is very user-friendly and also is very easy to use.It includes play pause and a stop button which makes it even easier to use.

05:-Use the “Voice Cancellation” Setting in Windows

If you didn’t know, we also can use this windows feature to remove the vocals from the songs.If you don’t want to download any kind of software then you can use windows itself to remove the vocal from the song.This works by (attempting) to cancel the voice before you hear it through the speakers.

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