HTML Project for Students – Class 8, 9, 10 and 11

HTML Project for Class 8,9,10 & 11

Hi, It’s CoderPradip here. as you all know I am sharing many Tricks and Tips as well as Programming Codes, Projects, Case Study and many more.

I am again sharing a new HTML Project Work. This post is especially for all the students of class 11 and other class. If you a Computer Science student you can subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel for more Programs and many more about computers and technology. I have used simple codes only. If you need the Advance Please let me know.

Why should I use this Project as my Project work?

Yeah! Simply you should submit this as your project work to be highlighted in front of your Friends and Teacher not actually:). you should submit this because it is easy to understand and simple program for you to explain. if you’re still unable to explain this project. You can comment on your problem. I and other viewers will try to solve your issue.

How can I edit this project?

It is a simple program so you can easily edit this. So here are the basic things you can do.

Basic Editing

  • Download and Extract the Project from your android or PC.
  • Password:
  • Now,  Open The Folder and Open any HTML File in notepad.
  • Now change the following codes:
    • <title>Write Home Page </title>
    • Change all the Info you want(Such as college name, address, contact email addresses and many more)
    • at the last behind </body> tag change the footer with your and your college name.
    • Open img folder and replace that images with your collage’s images [Name and image format  Must be same ex: 1.jpg ](Easy Method)
    • more ……
  • and save that all.

Used Technology(Languages)

  • HTML– To Markup the Page and Contents such as title, body, marquee, images, text formatting tags & more.
  • CSS– To  style the elements and, to make that responsive and good looking ( Coloring, Floating, Sizing )

Download HTML Project

You’re free to download and use this project. You don’t pay a single penny as I am providing you all the things free in this blog.


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