Tiktok is getting famous day by day and people are crazy over this Chinese Video Sharing social networking service. Tiktok formerly known as has over 800 million active users, 165 billion+ downloads and everyday TikTok videos gets 1 billion+ views as of now.  Tiktok is the most downloaded app for 2019 in the iOS App Store.

How Tiktok Rank Your Videos?

To increase followers of your Tiktok Account, you must first know about how Tiktok sends your videos to people. So here’s how Tiktok sends your videos to people. Whenever you upload a video on Tiktok it first shows the video in For You page for some limited people, let’s say to 100-200 people. When your video engages nicely among that few numbers of people Tiktok sends your video to more audiences until they engage with your video with Likes, Comments and shares as well as react and duets. Tiktok also tracks how people are scrolling through your videos. Tiktok also sends videos to people with similar interests. For example, If you uploaded a video in which you’re Belly dancing people who like Belly dance will also see your videos. Let’s not talk more about how Tiktok works and let’s jump into the main topic which is to increase your TikTok Followers.

Increasing Followers on Tiktok

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to get more followers on Tiktok. Some of them are listed below:

Step 1: Setup Your Profile Like A Pro: If you want to go viral on Tiktok you must set up your profile in a good way. Your profile should not have unnecessary things. Make your profile clean and attractive and catchy.  Your Username, Profile Picture, and bio play a very good role in gaining Tiktok Followers because it’s the first thing someone looks at when visiting your profile. While choosing a username of your profile make sure you use the catchy, unique and easy because it helps people to remember your username easily. In your bio make sure you use a few words to attract people, you can include what types of videos you make or what is your interests in Tiktok.

Step 2: Take care of Video Quality: Quality of the video plays a very vital role in gaining more views. clear and clean video attracts more people into your videos. When making a video on Tiktok you should always take care of video quality. Shoot your videos with DSLR cameras if possible, If you don’t have a decent camera you have your phone in your hand. Use a tripod or stands to avoid the shaky clips. not only video quality you must take care of the audio quality if you’re not just only lip-syncing on your videos. You can buy some cools mics online for better sound quality if you’re making videos with your own voice.  The budget mic I recommend is Boya M1 which costs less than 20$.

Step 3: Be Confident and Active: Always try to look fresh and confident in your videos. Don’t be shy to express/act what you feel. And most importantly, Be regular on uploading videos. Profile with regular activities is more liked than a profile with few activities.  Face the camera well and don’t be late to upload.

Step 4: Collaborate with Famous Tiktokers: Collaborating with famous Tiktok artists can help you gain more attention towards your profile. Meet famous Tiktoker and make videos together and tag them in your videos. The Famous person’s fans will also notice and if you have powerful content to impress them, They will definitely follow you. In case if you can’t meet them in person. You can duet with them and don’t forget to mention their username in the descriptions.

Step 5: Be Active and Interactive: The best to get more people into your profile is by joining your friend’s live and interacting with them. Don’t hesitate to comment on their videos so they do the same and other people will notice you as well.

Step 6: Follow the Trend: Always be updated with What’s Trending on Tiktok and participate in the trend. When you make videos in Trending topic it will easily get viral. Challenges are more famous in Tiktok follow latest challenges and try them or make your own challenge and make videos. This gets the attention of people and you’ll gain more followers. Always use hashtags in challenge videos it will boost your videos following the trend.

The Final Steps: Always interact with the comments on your videos and be entertaining to your followers, use proper caption/descriptions and hashtags. Ask your fans a questions in the description of the video saying something like,’ How is this?’, ‘Which one is your favorite part’ etc. it gets more comments and the possibilities to go viral will be increased and when your videos go viral you gain more followers. You can also promote your Tiktok profile or videos on other social media like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube if you have.



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