5 Best Text Editors for Programmers 2018

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We all need a good text editor to write codes or anything on our PC, but we all get confused while choosing the best one for the faster and good coding experience. I used to spend whole days searching for good text/code editors to make my coding experience better. Thinking about those hard days I planned to help our readers find a text editor. I will be mentioning the downloading link of each particular editor while leaving the post.  So, let’s discuss the Top 5 Text Editors for Coders.

  • Sublime Text Editor: Sublime text editor is my personal favorite text editor. I started my coding career with the help of sublime text editor and still using that. You may ask why I mentioned this editor at first, I have the answer. It has many cool features and you can add different types of plugins as well. The most interesting thing about sublime text editor is its interface, syntax highlighting and auto-complete in a huge number of languages. which may attract its user towards this editor.

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  • Notepad + +: Notepad++ is used all over the world by professional programmers. It is the upgraded version of notepad. The interesting part about Notepad++ is its free to download and use as much as you can without any ads and restriction on its features. If you’re planning to use free code editor I will definitely suggest notepad ++.  Notepad++ also has cool features like syntax highlight and auto-complete the codes.

  • Atom: Atom is free and open source code editor which features can be expanded with plugins. The reason why you should use this editor is that of its affordable for everyone and easy for beginners as well. Atom has plenty good features which you can get hardly even on a premium text editor.
  • Vim: I used Vim for over six months because I found this editor so cool and comfortable for a programmer to use.  The interface of Vim looks a bit odd but talking about the editors works its good.
  • Brackets: Bracket is well known and advanced text editor with syntax highlighting feature which makes coding experience better.  If you’re planning to do coding in a very good interface bracket is specially designed for you for you need.It is a very convenient and a user-friendly text/code editor.

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