How to Install Hindi/Nepali fonts in Linux?

Install Hindi font on Linux

Nepali or Hindi fonts are not supported on Linux by default so you need to install those fonts manually on your machine.  The fonts which are usually used on the web are called Unicode. You get some boxes while browsing the website which has the Hindi or Nepali font on your browser just like the picture below. So, here I present two methods to make your pc support Nepali Font.Install Nepali Font on Linux

Install Nepali Font on Linux

Method 1: Downloading and Installing Fonts

This method is most used and the easiest as well. You can simply download the fonts and install on your machine via the font installer which occurs while clicking on downloaded fonts. All the required fonts downloading link is in the footer of this post. Follow the below steps to install those fonts on your local machine. To install fonts using this method simply browse the Unicode fonts on the web and install them. and you’re ready to see Nepali or Hindi texts on your browser.

Method 2: Download and Manually paste into fonts

This method is a bit harder than the previous one. All you have to do is download the fonts from the internet and copy and paste them into the following directory of your machine.


Download Nepali Unicode Fonts

download all Unicode fonts

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