How To Download Games Faster On PS4 – 2018

How To Download Games Faster On PS4 – 2018

Most of the ps4 users have the slow internet problems and it is a really painful thing having a large game to update or download. You would even have to wait up to 10 hours or more in some cases just to play a game.In some cases, even with the higher internet speed, we don’t get proper internet speed.So, today on our blog we are revealing a trick that you can apply to using the internet speed getting higher internet speed on ps4 while downloading or updating the games.Using dns for ps4

1: From DNS Settings:- 

One of the common reasons for having slow internet on PS4 is DNS.So, apply the following methods to solve and make it even better.

  • Go to settings and then network.
  • Now go to set up Internet Connection.
  • Use either Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then choose custom.
  • Choose Ip Address as Automatic and DHCP Do not specify.
  • In DNS server settings use Manual and type in the preferred DNS in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS bar e.g

If I want to use Google DNS than I will type in primary DNS and in Secondary DNS.

Or Type in (“Primary” field); (“Secondary” field) for OpenDNS.

2: Change The MTU Settings

After changing the DNS You will be prompted to choose the MTU here you can add 1473 or 1450 and save it.

3: Pause And Resume

Sometimes, this could be also the solution to fix the download speed.What does it really means is sometimes the PS4 is not able to connect to the server which may lead to the lagging of the internet speed. So, pause and resume of several time may solve this problem.

4: Use Ethernal Cable / LAN Cable

As we all know data/data packets travel faster in cable then it does in wireless connection.So, usage of Ethernal Cable / LAN Cable can be more preferable.

5: Download In Rest Mode 

Most of the PS4 users already know this. That putting their console in the rest mode helped to download some files faster than usual. Steps of doing:-

  • Go to settings.
  • Head to power saving settings.
  • Then to Set Functions available in safe mode.
  • Now turn on Auto Downloads in system menu from [System] > [Automatic Downloads and Uploads].

So you can even download in reset mode.

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