How to Install KMSpico when windows defender is active?

Download KMS PICO

KMSpico is a tool to activate Microsoft Office and Windows without actually using the bought keys. It is very easy to use. Bear with me, i will also tell you how to download and use KMSpico. But if you are using windows 8.1 or 10, the windows defender won’t let you install the KMS treating it as a malware or virus. Rather, it’ll delete the installer files or KMS even if you downloaded.

You might very possibly get an error like “HackTool: Win32/AutoKMS” and the defender will perform action of blocking the tool, or remove it. I am going to teach two ways to use KMSpico while there is windows defender running. (The second way is better and always works)

[Way 1: Adding exception to windows defender]

Adding an exception to windows defender or exclusion means that the windows defender will stop to block those sites, files, or folders you trust and add as an exclusion. When you add a file or folder or sites, or file types to the exclusion list, the defender does scan or find the file but doesn’t block or remove or perform such actions to it.

This is helpful not only for KMS but also for other trusted files or cracks windows defender takes as virus. Make sure you download the good files, or you will surely get infected with malware or viruses.

  1. Click the windows button and go to search. Or you can also go to settings and search for windows defender.
  2. Click on “Virus and threat protection.” This will open a new tab of virus and threat protection.
  3. Click on “virus and threat protection settings.” 
  4. Scroll little bit down and you’ll see “exclusion” there. Under exclusion, there you can find add or remove exclusions. Click it.
  5. Click on the (+) button and select the KMSpico folder or file where it is located. This will add the folder or file as an exclusion to windows defender and will not take it as virus or hack or malware.

Note: This way will not always work, because even when you keep them as an exclusion, defender might still remove it while scanning. So let’s go to second way.

[Way 2: Turning off windows defender while activating]

Before i go any forward, make sure your PC is well protected till the moment, make a quick scan if needed. Also make sure that the hack or cracks you downloaded are not some malware, or your PC will be infected.

  • As above, do the same as said from step 1 to step 3.
  • You will see “real time protection” at the first there at virus and threat protection settings.
  • It must be on. Now click there and turn it off.
  • Go to the KMSpico, install or run it. It’s simple to use. After you install, you will surely configure it how to use, as there is just a single button to press. You might hear some automated voice after you click on the button saying success. Choose windows or office, the one you want to crack.
  • Turn the windows defender back on (very important)
  • You might see the notifications saying found a threat or so, ignore it.
  • That’s it you are done.

Download link to KMSpico:

Click here to download KMSPICO