Google Input Tools Portable Offline Installer


You want to type in one language, but are you having trouble typing in that language? Don’t worry because google input tools are here to rescue you. It is like a virtual keyboard, you type in one language, and the input tools helps you to type in the language you desire. You type in the language easy for you, and the transliteration will type it in your desired language.
For example,
Kya = क्या

It was a quite popular and easy tool used by many around the world. Google Input Tools team have confirmed that the Windows application is no longer available for download or installation.
The tool was a sort of third-party app, but Google removed input tools to promote chrome extension and chrome usage probably. Google wants the users to focus on their services online, not offline.

Is there a way to still use Google input tools?

Yes, I am going to show you how to download and use the Google input tool.
You might be wondering if I am talking about the extension one or the offline installer of Google input tool. Yes, I am talking about the input tools application. So what are you waiting for? Just follow these simple steps, and you are ready to use the input tools.

Download Google Input Tools Nepali

Download Google Input Tools Hindi

Download Google Input Tools Russian

Download Google Input Tools Arabic

Download Google Input Tools Hebrew

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