Today i will tell you the best games that you can play on mid-range pc

10. Grand Theft Auto 5
This game has been out for 4 years now and despite having a size of around 60 GB, it runs in almost anything. Our first laptop included an Intel core i3 with Intel HD 4400, 6 GB RAM and the game ran without any trouble at playable frame rates albeit 720p low/medium settings. The Second laptop that we tested the game on, was an AMD R5 335M, Intel Core i-5 6th gen, 4 gigs of RAM which can give you 35 fps on high, 720p with Anti Aliasing turned off.

9. Shadow Of Mordor
Shadow Of Mordor is a boon to tolkien fans, the game gives you an open world to explore and an intriguing story where you are in the pursue of one, your identity and two, your revenge. The combat system in this game is the most superior combat system ever created in any video game, period! Maybe because of this being a RAM dependent game, the Intel HD 4400 surprisingly ran it much smoothly than the AMD Card. But you can get playable frame rates (30+) in both the scenarios.

8. Devil May Cry 5
This hack n slash game gives a great experience to gamers who love gory stuff and it runs at a ‘gory’ frame rate giving almost 60 fps on even Ultra settings at the AMD Laptop while performing exceptionally well in the Intel one.

7. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Probably the best football simulation on the planet, PES has the slogan of, “The Pitch is Ours” because of it’s undeniably great in pitch game play. It runs incredibly smoothly in any laptop where it is thrown at. Even a Core 2 Duo or AMD A8 with the correct graphics and RAM can handle this gem of a game.

6. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Black Ops
MW is the best damn fps series ever, in the entire gaming history, and it runs flawlessly at 60 fps on, like pes, any laptop with half decent specs.
Black Ops on the other hand is a bit more graphically demanding but still is playable at 60 fps when you dumb down some texture details.

5. WWE 2K17
This game has not yet been tested on the Intel i3 device but put it with the AMD card and overclock the card just a little bit and you can expect to get 35 fps on 720p Medium with crowd density 70% and FXAA turned on! Unfortunately, the game is not optimized that great on pc and 6 Man matches like the Elimination Chamber, Money In the Bank and Royal Rumble will lag, dropping the fps to 20 or even 15, This can be improved by adding 4 gigs of RAM though.

4,3,2. ARMA 3, Battle Field 4 and Bioshock Infinite
ARMA 3 = Military Simulation, Hardcore Shooting, SKILLS required.
Battlefield 4 = Realistic shooting and terrific sounds.
Both these games have been tested in both the devices and they have no problem running them while Bioshock Infinite is a  pure speculation, but is really playable given that it runs smoothly on Intel HD 520. The AMD card should have no problem running it while the Intel Laptop has the advantage of additional RAM which can make a difference.

1. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
Oh okay, Role Playing,  Here, Fill your name, No, My bad, scratch that, you’re going on a linear story, Flaming entity, Are we watching the Legends of Tomorrow? Why’s your name Snake? How the flying fawk (pun intended) is the game play this good?, Why does konami’s graphics always look so colorless ?, What in the hell is up with this story?, Voted as one of the most confusing stories ever, No one quite gets this game but at the same time, it provides one of the best stealth mechanics and shooting in third person shooter history. With around 45 fps on our test devices, killing terrorists suddenly becomes a piece of cake.

0. Mass Effect 1,2,3
Third Person Shooter, Intergalactic Voyage, Crazy Powers, Spaceships, this series kicks ass. A larger than life story filled with too many twists and an overwhelming RPG experience makes Mass Effect the ass kicker it is and it’s very well optimized, runs at a more than decent frame rate on both the devices.

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